Business philosophy
RM Healthcare believes that innovative business development strategies will make a difference for businesses. We consider the customer as the center and believe that the trust of the customer is the success of our business.

Corporate culture

To achieve our goals, we build core values as the guiding principle throughout all activities of the company, and having quality human resources is one of the top priorities.


People are the core

We do our best for the development of each individual, helping them reach their full potential and achieve their desired goals.


Best quality

At RM Healthcare, every activity comes from a dedication to bringing the best quality to all products and services.


Together for development

Not only be a business, but RM Healthcare also commits to being socially and nationally responsible citizens.

Sustainable Development

RM Healthcare was founded by a team with rich experience in researching and distributing prestigious drug products to the Vietnamese market. We never stop looking for talent to join our family, that is the foundation for the most sustainable development for the business.